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. 14-8dp5dt) Crinone 8% PM, BA PM. I am 7dp5dt today and I tested with one of my cheap HPT and it’s a BFN. w by wildflower1290. I went to work and was busy most of the day. He wanted the satisfaction of hearing you all tell me, “I told you so”.

So 27 years AFTER my sons birth I'm at the end of ever conceiving before I DIE. Acupuncture. i too am mad i took it, hopefully we are BOTH taking these stupid things too early and we get our BFP 7dp5dt FET Posted in July 2015 by So, you're saying there's a chance? I woke up with cramps but stayed strong and didn’t test first thing in the morning…I waited until 9am. I just knew it was going to be a BFN but then I couldn't believe it, the second line was starting to appear. Have anyone here got a BFN at 6dp and then went to have a BFP on another day or a positive BETA? Feeling like Im out this time and that is all over for me, any encoureagement will be very appreciated.

I haven't tested since, there was no reason to do so. In the afternoon it turned to bright red. I was going to wait until after I use a FRER tomorrow. Worried that I was wrong. I testing this morning and got a negative.

Well I've been a silly girl, I couldn't help it, I've no will power! Tested with a FRER this morning 7dp5dt and got a BFN, not even a glimpse of a feint line I haven't told OH, I don't want to burst his bubble. 1 like. Very faint positive! Tested again 7dp5dt and got a slightly darker line. I really hope it’s not too late for a BFP on Saturday. I knew it was a long shot, but we had to take it.

Try and keep some hope, I know how hard it is. Both 32. 8dp5dt - Positive result, this was the strongest result we had had so far it was still faint but definitely there. Okay, so we have the never-ending beta thread and the pages-long hpt thread, but in the midst of this beta hell, what I've found that I really need to see are hpt's in conjunction with known beta numbers. I am on PIO and Estrace oral and 9dp5dt - BFN AND BFP.

I was sure it was a bfn, but my hcg was like 60 and my babe is sleeping in my arms right now! My RE said its very common and though there is no way to prove it, he suspects that it is the embie that didn't implant. That being said, I was on HCG boosters that cycle. You are operating under the assumption that all embryos implant at the same time. 9dp5dt ~ BFN. I haven't tested in a couple days; however, I'm assuming this is going to be an official BFN because it was negative at 8dp5dt.

Today is day 7dp5dt and I am staring at the Hi for those who had a single embryo transfer when did you get your BFP? i have a confession I am a poas addict and tested 6dp5dt - i got a very very faint positve - then it disappeared, I tested again 7dp5dt - positive and this time my hubby could even see the second line. So here we are, day before beta and I started spotting pink this morning. If you are reading this blog because you Googled something similar please rest assured that you WILL find BFP/BFN news DE FET #3 - 7dp5dt Nothing really new to report other then I tested again this morning and the line was a little darker which, in my opinion, is a good sign. 20 (which is much better) October 2006: Officially trying to have a baby! November 2006: BFP!! December 2006: 14 beta's, 2 trips to the ER, 3 internal ultrasounds, 2 4d ultrasounds, two shots of methotrexate, left fallopian tube ruptures, emergency surgery to remove what is left of the tube and pregnancy I got a BFP 8dp5dt. With our first 2 IVFs, AF arrived before the beta.

Which means FRER at 10DPO for me, was picking up a BFP when I was in single digits for the HCG count. That means I also skipped all of my nighttime meds. ) In any event, I will update later. 8dp5dt – Woke up in morning, still no symptoms. The grade before freezing was 5AC and after being thawed it completely When Did You Get A BFP - 6dp5dt Pics Update 1st Post.

Also known as last day of being PUPO. The friendliest place for moms and moms-to-be! IN THE NEWS: PIO is progesterone in oil earlier today in the area of yesterday's shot, it started getting really itchy and red. Even with my early miscarriage, I had a strong line at that time. At 8dp5dt I used my second SaveOnTests and got a BFP and my Dollar Tree test was also +. I always What day did you get a BFP on and HPT - posted in IVF/FET/IUI Cycle Buddies: Hello All I am 6dp3dt on my first IVF cycle.

7dp5dt showed BFN. It was bad, but I didn't throw up. I love you're as excited as I am. OTD is wed and im freaking out, i feel a huge failure and We married in August of 2003 and set off on our journey to have a family in January of 2004. This was my second FET.

At 6dp5dt, I did see very very very very faint BFP on two wondfo tests, but alas, it was negative the next day, and the day after. That dreaded piece of advice ALL women going through infertility have heard time and time again. Good luck! trigger shot disappear to bfn and watched the bfp fade in from 8dp2dt. About 3dp5dt my boobs got really tender. My beta was scheduled for 11dp5dt.

7dp5dt – No symptoms all morning. Today has not been an easy day for us. Then I freaked out. It sounds + for you! I remember posting to some friends that I "think" I might be PG. unfortunately I don’t.

After nap I began to feel AF cramping. Hubs and I have been trying for 6 years next month for a baby 12 Comments Last updated 2 years ago 8dp5dt - What NOT to do I had some more cramping yesterday at 7dp5dt but it changed into more of a full pressure feeling in my entire lower abdomen. 7dp5dt and BFN on HPT line 7dp5dt in the evening but I had to squint and look in the light to see it or maybe it wasnt even there but on 8dp5dt I did get a bfp 7dp5dt showed BFN. Did the title of this post throw you off? Because that was my intention! 🙂 I couldn’t leave my support network hanging. Thank you BFN 6dp 5dtcan I still be prego? (18 worked and I tool a test first thing in the morning on 7dp5dt and there was a faint positive.

CD 27 (Sunday 8. 11dp5dt - Positive result, that matched day 6. I have been scanning these forums for years, and thought it was finally time to actually participate. 9, dr increased to 6tbl/day till now today 9dp5dt, dr never increase progynova after bfp, only increased duphaston and endometrin from 1tbl 3times to 2tbl 3times a day. If relaxing made babies, wouldn't we all be pregnant by now? I don't have it broken down but.

And, one friend had a completely negative test the morning of her beta (13dp5dt) and was in fact pregnant with a high beta. I wasn't sick, my boobs weren't sore, I wasn't peeing more frequently, just different and maybe a little more tired. Laura • Mon, Oct 03 2016 • Unexplained infertility. First BFP w/ FET was at 10DPO (FRER), First BETA was at 16DPO and it was 44. If relaxing made babies, wouldn't we all be pregnant by now? * The following message is TOP SECRET and will self destruct in 5 seconds * This morning at 6:30 am the suspense really got to me and I did it, I tested.

Try and stay optimistic. 8dp5dt and BFN on HPTis there still hope? - posted in IVF/FET/IUI Cycle Buddies: Hi, I dont know if I am posting this in the right place. I had a fet on the 1st of Jan and have felt no different I POAS yesterday (6dp5dt) and g This is why it’s better not to test early, why we’re given an otd. Hi I'm new here but had to post as I am driving myself crazy. 5 Haha.

I couldnt take it and so I succumb to HPT (Home preg test) and POAS today. I’ve read women on here test a day earlier and get a bfn only to test the next day and get a bfp. - BabyCenter Canada Index Share. August 2009 BFN FET #1 10/09/09 BFP! Betas: 150, 267, 4380 faint positive line and had my beta at 8dp5dt I couldn’t take the anxiety, so I tested at home 6dp5dt. i left the pee stick on the counter- went & took my pants off & wandered back in- saw the BFP & started sobbing & praying.

Felt so strongly that something was happening a few days ago, and now nothing. Oh LMC it's so hard when you test early to keep positive but you actually sound like you're doing alright! My testing history, with ds i tested 10dp2dt and got bfp then after him i tested 10dp2dt and just got bfn all the way till 2 days befo Okay. 93 (which sucks)- so i took it again immediately & got a temp of 98. Hi I'm 8dp5dt, otd is Friday 13dp5dt, I stupidly tested the past 2 days, yesterday the first test I did didn't work at first as the urine hadn't hit the control after a couple of minutes so I put it in my drawer, when I went back to it an hour later there was a line in the control to say it had worked no a faint line in the test part saying pregnant, I then did a Asda test which was negative. 7dp5dt BFN.

Ha! she must have never been through IF Nothing exciting in-between just a lot of BFN's June 29, 2009 DA went well, she said I will go on Clomid when DH's SA comes back. My FRER was a squinter. It sucks!! I got up at 9am and POAS. They all POAS and tested early. I started bleeding (red) at 5dp5dt - I'm sorry to say that it was a BFN and then I had another round of AF at 10dp5dt (the day after my OTD and I stopped the progesterone).

Keep in mind though, at 7 days I got a BFN, so that extra day mattered. Even M saw it. Her DD is turning 5 this month. I still 9dp5dt – Doctor Google will see you now. Early Negative Pregnancy Test Before a Positive - Stats Study.

. July 16` IVF w/ICSI. Not even a faint line. hopeforICSI • 4 Hang in there and fingers crossed for BFP. Too early to test?? 7dp3dt - Infertility.

(Which is why fertility clinics want clients to wait for the blood tests. lou79. 13-7dp5dt) Crinone 8% PM, BA PM. On to Update - 8dp5dt, still a BFN! Sorry to hear that kath although my clinic told me to test 13dp5dt I gave in and tested at 10dp5dt and got a positive, maybe it's still a bit early. I had such a crappy day that I wanted to snuggle with H so she slept in our bed.

My beta is not for another 12 days on Feb 20. Dull ache in ovaries. try #11 June 2007 Clomid/ici at home BFN try #12 July 2007 Clomid/Follistim/ici at home BFN try #13 Aug 2007 Clomid/Follistim/ici at home BFN try #14 Sept 2007 natural cycle ici at home BFN try #15 Oct 2007 natural cycle ici at home BFN try #16 Dec 2007 IVF #1 BFN (no AH) try #17 Jan 2008 FET #1 BFP Twins, ended in m/c after heartbeats at 7. TTC 5 years. I only got one shot before they are going to tell me I have to use a GC.

FRER’s (to me) are typically VERY sensitive. you would get a BFP with Bfn 8dp5dt am I out : hi, My transfer of of two hatching blasts (excellent grade) embryos was on Feb. I tested again on day 6 and got a BFP. In fact, even at 7dp5dt, a HCG of 48 would not be picked up by Clearblue, which has a detection level of 50! In fact, I recall that during the last cycle, I had tested on the morning of 9dp5dt and gotten a stark BFN within the first ten minutes. 8dp5dt light brown spotting and BFN : I have some light brown discharge since the evening of 6dp5dt, today is 8dp5dt still discharge and negative on HPT, is there still hope? I do not have other symptoms other then very minor cramps.

I tested 5dp a 6dt and got a BFN, but 3 days later it was positive. My lining was only 6mm because of Asherman's Syndrome. Ugh, Kim I am so sorry. 3 year wait A window into my (sometimes disconnected) thoughts, fears, and hopes surrounding (in)fertility and our journey to have a child (and maybe two?!). I don't know if I ate too much or drank too much tea or what happened, but on the way home I began to get a headache.

5DP5DT i decided to take a test which was a BFN!!!!! I was upset for a few minutes then said to myself I don't care what this test says, I know I'm pregnant and went on with my day. I tested bfn this mornin (7dp5dt) and the brown cm is still there, slightly more. This was a new thing for me. I've regained my hope and positive outlook, it's a much nicer place to be when you're living minute by minute trying to survive the 2ww. Hi there! I just wanted to wish you luck! I am 6dpt5dt and while I am super early to test I am BFN thus far.

Log In Sign Up. I know many people who have had negatives at 4dp5dt and positives at 7dp5dt. 8dp5dt I tested because I had spotting and I REALLY wanted to take my patches off and stop all meds (but didn't) BFN! I also started getting sore BB's this day, super late, not a good sign. I decided not to add to my pee stick graveyard today. This is taking me back to a not-so-pleasant experience known as our ectopic pregnancy.

Neg HPT at 7dp5dt - posted in Assisted Conception - General: I got a BFN on HPT yesterday (7dp5dt) - does this mean I am out of the running? When would you test again or should I just wait for The first positive I got was 8dp5dt, did a FRER 6dp5dt and it was negative, didn't test on 7dp5dt. In fact, they do not. Tomorrow is beta day. FET #2. Aug FET #1 BFN / Sept FET #2 BFP! Sorry for the delay but here are the symptoms I experienced each day.

1st us @ 6w (4w past ET) = good, 2nd us @ 8w = good (heartbeat). 8dp5dt - Giant Question Mark Wednesday, June 1st was 8 days past transfer. It’s still possible for you to get your bfp. I guess there is nothing to do but wait for the beta test and know that if it is BFN, that it happens to lots of people who go on to get the BFP later. Along the way I learn some stuff, and share it for others who may experiencing similar things (and the odd tourist).

No joke i tested 8dp5dt and got a BFN and on the morning of the beta, my sil who was preggo with twins tested negative at home. But 10 w us Monday = no heartbeat. i had some brownish cm last nite at 6dp5dt, more inside than on a pad. Bleeding, cramping but strong BFP? UPDATED post 11 - posted in Assisted Conception - General: So today I am 7dp5dt. 9dp5dt - Positive result, this matched day 8.

We had no idea how long, painful and expensive this journey would be, but we will not give up until we have a baby (or two) in our arms. i have 2tbl/day on cd2-4, 4tbl/day on cd5-11, then scan lining on cd12, only 6. Around 10am I felt a 'gush' and when I went to the loo discovered some pinky 8dp5dt ~ BFN. 13dp5dt would be 18 days post ovulation if it was a natural cycle Oh, I have been exactly where you are and can totally sympathize – the waiting and scrutinizing is agonizing! The other commenters have said it all, but I’ll say it again – a BFP is a BFP is a BFP! Concentrations change, lines can get fainter, tests get darker as they dry and your lines are very strong for this stage!! Progesterone and nausea during 2ww *update* now with a (cautious) BFP!!! : Hi ladies, question for you! For those of you that have had any kind of progesterone supplementation during the 2ww and experienced nausea or even mild queasiness: a) What time of day did you take the progesterone? "Just relax and it will happen". This morning, at 8dp5dt, the line was roughly the same as yesterday.

July 18, 2009 BFN this morning, called Dr's office to discuss starting Clomid. Too good to be true right for a supposedly pregnant mum to be? So after lunch, after adjusting myself mentally and saying one good prayer, I peed on the Well because I have no willpower and my husband is a pee pusher I tested with a FRER even after my wondfo was stark white. After years of that I ended it with 4 more lost pregnancies (2) unassisted tubal (2) IUI rival. 7dp5dt - AF cramps, extremely tired, hormonal surges, felt like I would get period any second. I went to eat at Olive Garden for dinner.

Imgur. I got up, poas, and it was negative. On our third IVF we made it to beta before AF reared her ugly self, but it was a BFN regardless. I know it's early but I've read the majority of BFP's get a feint positive at least by this stage so I'm not holding out much hope. I'm 7dp5dt Can I trust these results! pink "spotting" at 7dp5dt basically i woke up- took my temp- it beeped way too quickly & gave me a temp of 97.

I don't know what to say about dealing with a real BFN. My beta that day was 55. Feeling very guttered, if it was to be a BFP it would of showed up today for sure, wouldn’t it? My beta test is on Monday at least I will have already done the crying and be prepared for the results. Since transfer, I have had symptoms from the PIO. Lost all hope BFN two days in a row 7dp5dt and 8dp5dt .

Sep6. i literally SHOVED a progesterone tablet inside of me & begged God to let this one stick. Thanks all! BFN again this morning on 7dp5dt. So have faith on your embys. Alas, despite using a proven 26-year old 7dp5dt.

From what I've been reading I can take a home test to possibly see as early as 6dpt (which is the 16th for me) but my blood work with my doctor is the 24th. It was negative. m. 1st beta at 9dp5dt = 80ish, 2nd beta 11dp5dt = a little more than doubled. Hi all: After four years of trying to conceive, including several IUIs and half a dozen MCs and chemicals, we finally thought we'd found the magic bullet.

Reply. e. mc a week later though Yes! After my 4tg IVF, I got a bfp and I was full on bleeding. I would not suggest testing that early! Don’t think you can feel it either way! One of my fave bloggers felt out of the game at 4dp5dt and she’s pregnant! Ahhh, some relief! Let me tell you, life is so much nicer when you don't have a current evil pee stick haunting your every thought. No.

Extremely tired in afternoon. I know that 5dp5dt would be super early for a BFP, but I was hoping maybe we would be lucky and get a squinter. About 7dp5dt, my Hi--I had a BFN on FRER at 7dp5dt. Actually, it sounds like you haven't been over-analyzing every little thing that changes with your body - which is so hard not to do! 3. She was my 9th IVF (first using donor eggs), so I am not new to the doom and gloom; however, I got my BFP at 5dp with her.

the line was visible no need to hold in a particular direction. My husband told me I HAD to write this post. Got lighter positives with subsequent HPT’s (EPT’s) until Beta. I tested on 7dp5dt and didn’t see a thing so I tossed it and drank a huge ass Diet Coke with my lunch. 8dp5dt - AF cramps went away, my body temperature felt extremely cold, I couldn't get warm enough under blankets, bloated and gassy stomach, legs and feet felt achy, strong heart-beat and pulsing sensation throughout my body, extremely thirsty Hi everyone, took a CB digi test and came back pregnant 1-2 weeks, took a FR about an hour later and two lines, one faded but def there.

I'm 8dp5dt and have been getting bfn's on all hpt's. Everything looked good until Monday. Is it too early and is there hope for the beta tmw? I am not having any symptoms at all - (last year, for my one and only bfp, I had the sorest bbs ever very early - sadly, ended with blighted ovum) This is my 4th fresh IVF cycle and today I tested negative on a HPT FRER at 4am. Today little H and I went to one of his little play classes. It's at 9am and for some reason he woke up a few times last night and also woke up at 6am this morning so we were all a little tired today.

Got a better BFP the morning of 6dp5dt and my beta that morning was 20. Did you do a trigger shot? You really want to try to wait 10 days after that in order to avoid a false positive from HCG still left in your system. Evening IC test noticeably darker but still faint. 5 The first question is whether it matters—the fact that you have HCG is less important than what the number is and whether it’s doubling. July 24, 2009 First dose of Clomid, 50 mg days 5-9 August 15,2009 AF reared her ugly head.

but sadly ended in chemical. I need to hear from you gals. 3/17. Do u think this is the start of af bearin in mind my bfn this mornin? My otd is 17 nov. What do you know, a BFN.

Thanks x "Just relax and it will happen". About 3dp5dt I had one bout of Nausea, it actually woke me from a nap. Good luck for otd, no more testing early 😉 xx He passed away at age 3. So take my equivalent of 12dpo BFN but equivalent of 13dpo BFP with a grain of salt. Wish I could come on here and say that I have good news….

Mostly because I ran out, and have been spending all my time in the hospital with DH so I haven't had time to go to the drug store. 10dp5dt - Positive result, it had faded to equal day 7. 6 years later started fertility treatments. I am 8dp5dt FET with 2 PERFECT embies but with a BFN POAS Test. Tested with a FRER this morning 7dp5dt and got a BFN, not even a glimpse of a feint line I haven't told OH, I don't want to burst his bubble.

No symptoms afternoon/evening, except being tired. Other ladies that cycled with me have gotten a BFP, but I am still terrified of a BFN. I am so excited to be able to post on here! I used to obsess over these posts, seeing if my symptoms matched up to someone else's who went on to get a BFP! So here's my story: My DH 32, severe MFI Me: 33, no fertility issues, Hashimoto's disease, previously had Mirena We had been trying naturally from March 2012 right after Mirena removal, through March 2013 with no success - But of course it is hard to tell yourself that. For whatever reason I tested again on 8dp5dt and got a super squinter. i think only the one with early blast was trying to attach.

The next day I used Dollar Tree tests mid day and got a BFN. This was my last First Response Early Response Test. then it disappeared! tested again today 8dp5dt - BFN. I think my line is way lighter then yours was, and I had 3 consecutive doubling betas (around 35 hours for doubling time) after that on 14dp5dt, 16dp5dt, and 18dp5dt and am currently 6weeks pregnant, with my heartbeat ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow. I'm just terrified of getting one myself.

i just posted that i'm 8dp5dt with a BFNas both replies said - you're not out until your beta. I just got an early negative pregnancy test (BFN), can I still be pregnant? The purpose of this study is to look at the statistics of early negative pregnancy tests (Commonly called BFN - Big Fat Negative in the community) when later followed by a positive pregnancy test (BFP - Big fat Positive in the community lingo 7dp5dt - Positive result, the line had got a little darker but still faint. this is something that has happened in both my BFN and BFP cycle. my hpt was negative. Tired.

Not as dark as I was hoping for but still darker then my last FET #2 on 7dp5dt. Hi ladies, I'm so sorry for what you are both going through. They will try there best to stay there. BFP on Digi, test line increases just slightly in color at 4am. Part of me is expecting a BFN because come on, let's face it, there are no symptoms whatsoever.

You’ll be in Re: bfn at 5dp5dt. My squinters then were falsified by the addition of fake HCG, making them even more so squinters or perhaps not even real BFPs. Gals who tested w/IVF - info please Trying to Conceive with Medical Assistance. Tomorrow is my first beta. I think the levels of hcg can be low after Ivf which is why they tell you to test a bit later I.

Mainly constipation. Visible line at 11am, Slighter Darker line by 10pm, no need to tweak to see it but BFN on digital. Pretty sure #4 is a bust. I won’t test tomorrow there is just no point. What this means that at 6dp5dt, there is no way that a HCG of 24 would have registered a BFP (WHEW).

i would wait and see what your blood beta is! Posted 8/21/15 4:48 PM I did my first IVF this cycle and I did a 3 embryo transfer on 1/16, so that would make me 8dp5dt (I think) - this a. I didn't really think much of it because I had a similar response after months of heparin injections with my first IVF cycle. Had a light positive that faded (my guess is HCG left my system) now waiting for the line to reappear this is my first IVF cycle with frozen sperm. Sticky vibes to you Mo!!!! Reply Delete 7dp5dt - nausea got worse, Frequent urination (bfp on hpt), excruciating abdominal pain 8dp5dt - nausea, excruciating abdominal pain (darker bfp) 9dp5dt - vomiting, excruciating abdominal pain, (bfp on hpt/bloods) diagnosed with moderate OHSS I'm glad you're feeling better, and no, those don't sounds like a list of complaints to me. Drove me crazy.

I started a 4dp5dt just because I had implantation spotting 3dp5dt (which was WAY early) and hot a faint BFP. It is 7dp5dt. IVF - when did you test (33 Posts) digi on 8dp5dt. With the twins I got my BFP at 5dp5dt late in evening and it was super faint!!! Hardly anyone could see it. ← Positive Thinking ~ 6dp5dt and 7dp5dt.

So today's 9dp5dt, since 7dp5dt I've been peeing on sticks like a crazy woman (I know a bad idea) but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. I wasn’t going to write about our BFP tonight. I was in the tub getting ready for work when I received a call from Doctor's office because they never received my progesterone bloodwork from Thursday and the nurse wanted my local lab's phone number. This was a donor egg IVF- trying to have a sibling from the same donor for my daughter that was born last year . November 29, 2012.

CD 26 (Saturday 8. A lot of people following my blog are either just about to go through IVF, maybe still trying to figure out what it actually stands for, already in the depths of IVF and riddled with hormones, googling things like “will my embryo fall out if I sneeze” whist crying at your completely helpless husband for… Also i got a positive on 6dp5dt (could see under bright light & only with one angle) & at 7dp5dt. It was a FET and 10/18/2012 – BFP and getting darker (6dp5dt) 10/19/2012 – BFP and even darker (7dp5dt) 10/20/2012 – BFP and even darker (8dp5dt) 10/21/2012 – BFP and same darkness or darker than yesterday – hard to tell since today’s line is wider than yesterday’s(9dp5dt) 10/22/2012 – BFP and very noticeably darker than yesterday. BFP at 8dp5dt. 7dp5dt bfn 8dp5dt bfp